• August, Tokio, Ryogokufest for Music and Art, The unknown Planet, Visual Music
  • June 24, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), Loreto Theater, Between Heaven and Earth, Visual Music
  • April 6, profectio 30 + 1, E-Werk Freiburg, Paysages FLG for flute and electronics


  • November 18, Audio Art Festival Kraków Hevre, Concert; Light in the Darkness, Visual Music
  • November, DEGEM CD21 Wendepunkt, Piano_Evolution, Piano + Elektronik
  • October 30, DEGEM 30 Jubilee, Kubus ZKM Karlsruhe, Concert, Between Heaven and Earth, Visual Music
  • June 24, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), Online, Birth and Death, Visual Music
  • May 13, Klingt gut Festival, Hamburg, Concert + Online, The Unknown Planet, Visual Music
  • April 15, Synchresis Festival, Granada, Concert, The Unknown Planet, Visual Music
  • April 7, INFLUX, Musiques & Recherches Brussel, Online, Between Heaven and Earth, Visual Music
  • March 20, TAMAfestival for Music and Arts, Tokyo, Online, Birth and Death, Visual Music


  • November 9, Collegium Novum Zürich, Kulturpalast Dresden, Tamblingan, Visual Music
  • November 2, Collegium Novum Zürich, Radio Zürich Studio, Tamblingan, Visual Music
  • July 7, EMUfestSabina, Rieti (b.Rom), Maqam for Alt-Saxophone and electronics
  • July 6, Arte&Scienza Festival Rom, Goethe Institut, Maqam for Alt-Saxophone and electronics
  • June 17 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and ICMC, Theater Loreto, Maqam_Evolution for Alt-Saxophone and electronics, Enzo Filippetti Saxophone
  • May 24, Fulldome Festival Jena, Planetarium, Between Heaven and Earth, immersive Visual Music
  • January 29 – February 1, Festival Synchresis Program 37, Málaga Conservatorio de Música, I_Sphere Visual Music


  • December 10, Synchresis Festival Program 34, Granada (Spain).
    Real Conservatorio de Música, i_Sphere (VM)
  • November 27, porto/post/doc Festival, Planetario do Porto,
    Between Heaven and Earth (Visual Music)
  • November 23, Musikakademie Basel, Lecture Concert, Klaus-Linder-Saal,
    Ein Abend mit Wilfried Jentzsch, presented by Thomas Meyer, Performance“für 5″,
    Ensemble: Zone Expérimentale Basel
  • November 21, Boswil(CH), Lecture Concert, Alte Kirche, Künstlerhaus Boswil,
    Ein Abend mit Wilfried Jentzsch, presented by Thomas Meyer, Performance“für 5″,
    Ensemble: Zone Expérimentale Basel
  • November 3, 9.Lange Nacht der Museen 2018, Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren,
    Visual Music pieces by Hiromi Ishii and Wilfried Jentzsch
  • September 29, UPIC-Graphic Interfaces Notation Conference, Karlsruhe,
    ZKM Kubus, Paysages Y757 (Acousmatic)
  • July 17, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, NYCEMF,
    Abrons Art Center, Concert 4, Underground Theater, Particle World (VM)
  • July 7 – 8, EMUfestSabina, Electroacoustic Music Festival, Rieti (Rom),
    Seminar: Interactivity between sounds and images, Screening: The Shining Stone (VM)
  • May 8 – 10, Noisefloor Festival, Staffordshire University (UK),
    Particle World (VM)
  • May 4, Synchresis Programm 32, Conservatory of Music „Manuel Carra“,
    Malaga (Spain), Evolution of Points and Lines (Visual Music)
  • March 24, Bath Spa University (UK), Seeing Sound Festival, Screening 2 – University Theater,
    The Shining Stone (Visual Music), Papers1 – Interactive processes between sounds and images
    in Visual Music


  • December 9, Visual Music Concert together with Hiromi Ishii,
    Burg Obbendorf (Niederzier)
  • November 7 – 14, Synchresis Festival for Visual MUsic,
    Donostia-San Sebastian, Mykele,
    Evolution of Points and Lines
  • September, CD released, DEGEM CD XV,
    Bells Evolution
  • June 21, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, NYCEMF,
    Evolution of Points and Lines, World Premiere
  • April 28, Radio centraal Antwerpen, Huai bieh, Paysages Y757, Dream of B
  • April 4, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Entre Ciel et Terre
  • February 22, Department of Music, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB),
    Lecture-concert, Corwin series: from sound analyses and syntheses to composition
    relating to Indonesian Gamelan Music
  • January, New CD „sai-ji-ku“ released from WERGO Label, Schott Music&Media.
    Features the acousmatic works composed with Zirkonium by Wilfried Jentzsch and Hiromi Ishii.
    The sound diffusion recorded by Neumann Dammy-head microphone at Klangdom, ZKM.
    The project was supported by ZKM. https://en.schott-music.com/shop/sai-ji-ku.html


  • November 24, Visual Music Concert, Jülich Schlosskapelle,
    together with Hiromi Ishii
  • October 26, EMUFest, Rome, Entre Ciel et Terre
  • September 3, SMC Festival, Hamburg, Particle World
  • August 17/20, Musica Visual, Mexiko City, Fractal Evolution
  • July 2/16, Musica Visual, Mexiko City, Fractal Evolution
  • July 4-5, ZKM Karlsruhe, recording of acousmatic pieces for CD
  • June 1, Vidéomusique, Espace Senghor Bruxelles, Fractal Evolution
  • March 23, Espace Senghor Bruxelles, Premiere Entre Ciel et Terre
  • March, Guest composer, Musiques & Recherches Bruxelles


  • December 1-6, Context Art Miami (Florida), VM Concert, SAI
  • November 16/17, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, VM Concert & lecture
  • November 13, Nomades Concert, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Bogotà, VM SAI
  • October 17/19, Senzoku Digital Music & Arts Project 2015, Tokyo, Concert & lecture
  • October, Acoustic Frontiers, On-line radio, Ottawa, Kyotobells
  • August 20, Imagen & Resonancia III, Fundación Destellos, Mar de la Plata, VM Particle World
  • August 1, ZKM Kamuna Karlsruhe, VM Fractal Evolution and Particle World
  • June 22, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, NYCEMF, Fractal Evolution,
    World Premiere
  • June 21-28, Melbourne International Animation Festival, MIAF, Evolution of Song_Y
  • June 10-12, University of Brasilia, Symposium Understanding Visual Music,
    Evolution of Song_Y
  • May 15, University of Rome II, Particle World


  • November 14, NOW Festival Essen, Particle world – Premiere
  • October 23, EMUfest Rome S.Cecilia, huai bieh
  • October 1, Curator of „Point of view“ Broadcast by WDR Cologne, huai bieh
  • September 28, Paper presentation, Interactive processes between sounds and images
    at Japanese Society for Sonic Arts (JSSA), Tokyo
  • September 25, Guest lecture on Visual Music at Senzoku University, Tokyo
  • June 19-21, 27-29, USAP (Urban Solar Audio Plant), Berlin, Evolution of Song_Y
  • June 12, Elektramusik/Musée d´Art Moderne, Strasbourg, Kyotobells
  • May 22, Vidéomusique, Espace Senghor, Bruxelles, Kyotobells
  • May 10, PAS-E, Venice, Bells Evolution, Premiere
  • March 19, Musiques & Recherches Bruxelles, huai bieh, Premiere


  • December 5, ZKM, SAI
  • October-November, Broadcast by Web Radio Degem
  • November 9, Academy of Music Wroclaw, Dream of B
  • October 21, EMUfest Rome S. Cecilia, Paysages lointains
  • September, Guest composer ZKM
  • August 30-September 1, Marienthaler Festspiele Schloß Diersfordt, Urban Solar Audio Plant (USAP) 12-channel, eNachtigall
  • August 23-25 Muelheim a.R. Lichtkunstfestival, USAP, eNachtigall
  • June 22-23 Duisburg Landschaftspark, USAP, eNachtigall
  • May 31-June 2, Essen Zollverein, USAP, eNachtigall
  • May 21-31 Composer in Residence at „musiques & recherches“ Bruxelles
  • May 17-20 Bochum, USAP, eNachtigall
  • April 5 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Widerschein des Lichtes
  • January 8, Broadcast  by Radio Berlin, Paysages G


  • October 11, Rome. EMUfest 2012, Kyotobells and Mugenkei, Masterclass
  • July 13, Heimbach (Eifel) Portrait concert with H. Ishii, Internationale Kunstakademie Heimbach
  • May 26, Hannover, Lecture at the Festival Visionen
  • May 25, Catania, Lecture via Skype at Festival DI_Stanze. Concert Widerschein des Lichtes
  • May 24, Nomination for „Deutscher Musikautorenpreis“ GEMA
  • March 23, Cologne, Lecture „Aufbruch 1912“, Kölner Hochschule für Medien, in collaboration with Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (KGNM)


  • December 22, Bogotá, Kyotobells
  • November 18, Valencia, Festival Synchresis, Windgesang
  • November 4 + 5, Madrid, Festival Punto y Raya, Windspiel
  • November 4, Cologne Soundtrack_8.0, Widerschein des Lichtes and Mugenkei
  • November 5, Cologne Lange Nacht der Museen, Widerschein des Lichtes and Mugenkei Kölnischer Kunstverein/ Theatersaal
  • Octobre 26, Caracas, Centro de Arts Los Galpones, Tamblingan
  • Octobre 9, Rome, EMUfest 2011, Widerschein des Lichtes
  • August 26, Radio Centraal-Antwerpen 
“De stem van SEM“ Dream of B und Tamblingan
  • July 7, Mar del Plata, Image& Resonance, Fondación Destellos, Dream of B
  • June 27,  Radio Centraal-Antwerpen 
“De stem van SEM“ Paysages G und Trance ou Lamento di Bali
  • April 14, Poznán, Academy of Music, Lecture and Concert, Dream of B
  • Mars 23, Brussels, Nuit Electro, espace Senghor, Widerschein des Lichtes


  • November 16, Rome, Instituto Italo-Latino Americano, Tamblingan
  • November 16, Rome, Conservatorio di Musica S. Cecilia, Dream of B
  • November 16, Biberach Bruno-Frey-Musikschule, Paysages V (G. Marx, Violine)
  • October 25, Beijing, Festival MusicAcoustica, Lecture and Concert Tamblingan
  • April 14, Lisabon, Institut Franco-Portugués, Windgesang
  • Februar, Broadcast by Radio Berlin, Sendung von H. Steins, Imaginare Landschaft, Kyotobells, Lumière cendrée, Dream of B, Maqam for Oboe & live electronic, Windshauch


  • December 12, Salzburg Mozarteum, Mugenkei
  • November 25-29, Barcelona, Punto y Raya Festival, Mugenkei
  • October 28, Leicester, De Montfort University, Kyotobells
  • September 17, Lisbon, Festival Musica Viva, Sphärenklänge and Mugenkei
    The jury for Destellos Competition of Electroacoustic Composition 2009
  • July 24, Köln Universität, Portrait Concert
  • June 10, Caracas, UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL, UNEARTE Musica, Kyotobells and Mugenkei
  • May 7, Caracas, Museo de Arte Contemporano, Kyotobells and Mugenkei
  • May 21, Caracas, Fundación Centro de Estudios Latinamericanos, Mugenkei
  • April 19, New York, Digital Salon and the School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Department, Kyotobells
  • Mars 25, Liège, Cinéma Sauvenière, Mugenkei
  • January 14, Essen, Folkwang University, Neue Aula, Kyotobells and Mugenkei


  • October 18, Television, Programme Focus 1 (Quebec) Mugenkei
  • October 18, Montréal, Festival Nouveau Cinéma (FNC), Mugenkei
  • October 14, Montréal, Festival Nouveau Cinéma (FNC), Mugenkei
  • October 10, Festival Neue Musik Lüneburg, Kyotobells
  • August 3, Berlin, Festival Inventionen, Dream of B
  • June 19, Berlin, TU  EM_Hoeren, Kyotobells and Mugenkei
  • June 16-22, Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), Kyotobells and Mugenkei
  • June 8 , Musique concrète 50, GRM, Radio France, Dream of B
  • May  29, Karlsruhe ZKM, Kyotobells and Mugenkei
  • March 11, Esbjerg, Aarlborg University, Festival DigArt 2008, Lecture and audiovisual Concert, Mugenkei as a Live Dream (with J. Detheux)